3 Top Graphic Designing Websites For Students

In most countries across the globe, going into college also means taking up a part-time job to pay for your expenses. Most college students go looking for jobs like babysitting, while others opt for freelance work on online platforms, like Upwork. Online jobs for college students can range from graphic designing to content writing. For those who wish to go into graphic designing, there are many different options and a lot of platforms from which to choose.

3 top graphic designing websites

  1. Upwork

Upwork is the most popular platform for freelance work, where employers from different fields are looking for workers. There are more than 300,000 web and graphic designers looking for employment on Upwork and many job opportunities, which makes it the ideal site to find work related to this field.

  • Upwork features connecting the employers with the freelancers:

The employers can access search filters to search for potential freelancers and contact them through the platform. Employers will also be managing their work diaries to track the number of hours the freelancer is working.  There is a built-in workspace that allows freelancers to maintain contact with their employers.

  • Pricing

The standard pricing is established on Upwork. A 3% flat processing fee is charged by Upwork on the payment made to the freelancers.

  1. Freelancer.com

Another important site where you can find online jobs for college students is freelance.com. Both part-time and full-time graphic designing jobs are available on freelancer.com.

  • How employers contact freelancers

Employers can reach out to specific freelancers who meet their requirements directly after conducting search using search filters, or they could post details about their job and then filter out freelancers from those who have responded. Another way that employers can find the ideal graphic designer is by hosting contests between freelancers; employers can, for example, request those interested to pitch in their ideas and then select the best freelancer.

  • Features

Freelancers are required to design a detailed profile with their skills and certification. Freelancer.com also conducts certification exams to confirm these so that only the credible graphic designers will be available.

  1. Fiverr

Fiver is another well-recognized platform for freelancers looking for graphic designing jobs. Fiverr has numerous visual design categories and is very user-friendly.

  • How employers contact freelancers

Employers can either post job requirements and details, and then filter out the applicants, or reach out to freelancers individually after overviewing their profiles.

  • Features

Fiverr offers multiple search filters for employers so that they can filter out freelancers. For freelancers, this means that you should focus on your profiles and include as much about your skills as possible. The employers also get each freelancer’s seller level, which allows them to distinguish the best-rated individuals. Interestingly, Fiverr requires no membership fees, and services are only at a cost of $5.

These online freelance platforms are ideal places to find graphic designing jobs that fit your requirements easily. All you have to do is design an extensive, and detailed profile and employers will be reaching out to you themselves. You could also browse jobs yourself.

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