Asian weddings are amazing as there are many mesmerizing events that are tied together with a single wedding. Mehndi functions is one of those events and definitely the most exciting one. This function is an amazing package of joy, colors and entertainment. You invite all your friends and family and they not only come to attend the function but also to participate in dancing and singing.

Mehndi function is all about bright colors, dancing, singing, henna and other cheerful ambiance. And for such an amazing and fun-filled event, the dress of bride and groom should be very competitive and extra exuberant. Every year new collection of mehndi dresses come out with new contrasts and designs. Designers exclusively launch their collection of bridal wear that features frocks, ghararas, shararas and chooridars with bright and vibrant color palette in order to complement and portray tradition and culture of mehndi function beautifully. There are some of the tips that should be followed before buying a dress for your mehndi function. These tips will help you look beautiful on your big day.

  1. Dress up according to your looks and personality:

Just because it’s your mehndi, doesn’t mean you can wear anything you like. No! Dress according to your personality. Choose colors and style of dress that suits you. You don’t need to be soaked in 12 different vibrant colors in order to give a look of mehndi event. Choose 2 or 3 vibrant colors and combine them. Select the design according to your comfort level and dress shape.

  1. Bright colors are always the best option:

Mehndi function and mehndi dresses are not about light and dull colors. These colors will not give the effect of some fun-filled event. This event is about green, yellow, red and orange colors. It is because the décor of mehndi event is quite colorful and bright so dull colors will never compliment the décor. The brighter your dress is, the more prominent you will look.

  1. Don’t lose your comfort:

Comfort is the major part. As mehndi function is all about dancing, singing and doing different activities, so your dress should be according to it. You can never enjoy such event with an uncomfortable dress. Choose a dress that will allow you to show the best moves on the colorful dance floor.

  1. Go with a change:

Yellow and green have always been a color of mehndi dress. But now, trends are changing. These two colors are now compulsory for your dress, but also try to consider colors like deep red, neon orange, magenta or lime green. You can even balance these colors with teal, beige and blues. These colors give a fresh look.

  1. Matching and satisfaction:

Bride and groom’s dress should be complementing each other. You can choose the same colors or maybe the same design. Make sure that whatever you choose, it should satisfy you and you feel happy to wear it. Choose your jewelry and heels that matches the dress.