There are a number of video streaming apps available but YouTube is the most popular, for sure. The people from all over the world love to use this app and this is the reason for which it currently has 1.5 billion plus downloads on Android. The main reason for which YouTube is loved everywhere is that it is the greatest source of entertainment, knowledge, and fun. It has millions of amazing videos. It doesn’t let you bore anywhere as you can find something of your interest.

As a matter of fact, it isn’t possible to download the YouTube videos to the gallery directly as Google doesn’t support it. Here I am going to tell you about an amazing YouTube download app, which is absolutely free. You will also find out how to download your playlists with the utmost ease via this app.

The way to download YouTube playlist

Step 1 – Download and run YouTube downloader

This amazing YouTube downloader app is created by DVDVideoSoft. This is one of the simplest downloader apps. After you are done downloading it, you will see there are paste button, format options, quality selection option and also a download button. It is truly powerful app.

Step 2 – Create your playlist

Create or select the already created playlist on YouTube that you want to download via this app. At this step, the address bar of the browser needs your attention. If you got it, you need to follow the next step.

Step 3 – Find URL

At this step, all you need to do is copy the link from any desired method. The easiest way is to right click on the video with mouse and choose ‘Copy video URL’ from options.

After that, open the YouTube downloader app and paste the copied link there. You can paste the desired number of URLs there this way.

Step 4 – Choose to download particular videos

In this step, you are suggested to download only the new videos, which don’t already exist in your storage. For this purpose, you need to click Tools >> options >> output. Then select ‘Skip downloading if files already exist’. It will save your time as well as memory.

Step 5 – You are almost done

If you need to download the playlist from YouTube in its original format, simply click on the download button and you are done. If your playlist contains a number of files, it will take some time to start downloading. There is no downloading limit as this app allows you to download desired number of videos.

Download desired videos to enjoy offline

Music is everything! We love to listen our favorite songs while traveling, sleeping, eating etc. We love to listen songs all the time, based on our mood. It is terrifying that we want to listen our most favorite song and we have no internet access. This amazing YouTube download app has made the things much easier for you in every aspect. You can download your favorite videos by following the simplest process, listed above.

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