Drones today serve a range of purposes the most important of which is the coverage of every type of event be it a political debate, a sports match concert or whatsoever. They are able to provide a view that no technology can provide. You can get a drone now by ordering it online but that too once you have read all the details and agreed upon getting it. If you’re looking for a good professional drone, here are a few options to get drone now

Best professional drones:

  1. DJI phantom 4 pro

This drone offers you a flight of 20 minutes, and a maximum speed of 45 miles per hour and hence providing you the opportunity cover a big territory and take shots and make videos from different angles. The phantom 4 pro can record in views of 4K, 1080p, 2.7K and 720p. The system of this drone has the ability to maneuver over objects as well as around obstacles to take safe flights.

  1. DJI inspire 1 pro

This is a great choice for professional photography and videography from an aerial view.  The 360 view of this camera lets you capture beautiful views and the best shots from almost impossible angles. The camera provides a 4K video. This view of live HD will give you the chance to witness the birds view in 720p HD quality. Another benefit is that it can be operated by two pilots simultaneously. The energy of the drone is reasonably distributed so it can stay in the air for a longer period. Battery condition is also noted so you can act if the battery turns low.

  1. DJI spark

This drone is half-amateur, half-pro drone. It is compact and can easily fit in your hand. Being handy, it has simple controls making it easy for beginners to use. The camera gives you 12-megapixel photos and videos of 1080p from an aerial view. It makes use of several photo modes: three-frame, burst shooting, single shot. This camera is optimal for a good flight and can provide excellent panoramic views along with wide-angle shots. Quick-launch and quick-shot feature helps create aerial shots and videos with a quick beginning. The drone feature allows it to move backwards, upwards. With this camera you can easily create high quality photos and videos with ease.

These are only some of the latest drones of 2019 and many more versions would be available so you can go with the ones that suit your needs best!