There are times when individuals find it really hard to study. Whether it be your exams approaching or it is about your daily study routine, it is no shame that you are facing difficulty and finding it hard to deal with the task. There are certain things that you can do in order to cope with this situation. You can take help from the following best study habits for college that will aid you in gaining more knowledge in less time.

Learn according to your style

Only a few people pay attention to it, but there are actually 7 different styles of study. And all the adults do not find each way of teaching equally helpful. These different methods include visual learning which depends on pictures and spatial understanding. Then you have the auditory learning where you find music and sound helpful. Moving ahead, you have kinesthetic learning approach where you would use physical help such as touching, feeling, and moving something to learn about a specific topic. Then you have logical individuals for whom understanding the reason behind anything is the best way to learn about it. The remaining three include verbal, social, and solitary learning methods which base on writing and speech, group study, and studying alone respectively.

Creating small goals in short time

Create realistic goals for your study that you can achieve in no time. For instance, you may set up for finishing 1 chapter each day to complete a book by the end of the week rather than saying that I’ll finish the book by weekend or 2 books by the weekend. The less time and short goals, the more it becomes measurable for you. And when you measure something, you can know the progress, and it leads to a sense of achievement and motivation to stick to something.

Breaks are important

Another important element during the study that most people do not realize is the breaks. They would mark down 3 hours in their schedule as study time and would keep on working straight for the time span. After half an hour or an hour, their mind will start feeling tired, and they will become less productive, focused, and attentive. Ultimately, what they can learn with a fresh mind in 10 minutes may take them 30 minutes or one hour. So, whenever you plan your study time, make sure that you include short breaks after a certain interval, i.e., 15 minutes break after every 45 minutes, to keep your mind fresh and working at its best.

Creating study environment

The best study habits for college should possess some information about creating study environment. People would figure out everything and sit to study just to find that they are checking the newsfeed of their Facebook account after 10 minutes. Well, it can be hazardous and to avoid it you need to create study environment. For instance, put your phone on airplane mode for 45 minutes and place it somewhere out of your study zone. So, whenever you feel like getting up and checking phone, you can know that right now you are on your study schedule in your study zone and you cannot break it if you are to learn appropriately.


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