All around the world people have a crazy love for latte. Whether it’s morning or night a latte never miss out of the menu. Whether it’s winter or summer a latte never disappoint to make your day. A good cup of latte is all you need to make you feel good and happy. As all over the world people have different tastes. Definitely there are a lot of different kinds of latte all around the world. Which If you’re a latte lover must know. We will let you know all about black latte kritik and other types of latte here.

Café Americano:

To make this all you need to do is add specific amount of hot boiling water into espresso coffee and there you go. The café Americano has a history as it is said American soldiers made this and later it was pass to American baristas after the war.

Café latte:

To make this you need finely scolded warm milk and add it to coffee. The first option a coffee lover chose is café latter which is quiet different from flat white we will let you know here below.


Definitely, everyone favourite. It has three layers. The first shot is of espresso, then you need to add finely steamed milk and lastly a shot of foamy milk. Depending on your choice, chocolate, foam or powder is added on the top of foam.


Also known as double espresso is basically call double because in it is added two shots of espresso in one cup.


Which is commonly known as short black as well. You need to learn about each and everything about the basic espresso before you learn other latte includes espresso in it. Espresso contains one shot of espresso in one cup.


It is an espresso shot. Which is made simply by extracting the same amount of espresso as the amount of coffee and lastly water is added to make it look more darker and strong.

Flat white:

A big problem is that people don’t know there are two categories flat white and cappuccino and have difference in them. A flat white is kind of like cappuccino but there is no third layer in flat white. Means there is no foamy layer or chocolate chips at the end which make it different from cappuccino.

Piccolo latte:

Basically, piccolo latte is café latte with some changes. A piccolo latte has espresso but steamed milk and foamy milk which make it lighter. Piccolo latte has two ways to make it either one shot of espresso or one shot of Ristretto.


One of the most famous latte around the world is Mocha. Mocha is a mixture od cappuccino and hot chocolate. To make it you need to add one shot of espresso with mixing chocolate in it. Add steamed milk and at the end foamy milk at the top. At the top of foam sprinkle some chocolate powder.


The most tasty latte I must say in the world is affogato. To make it you need to do is one shot of espresso in a cup and put a vanilla ice cream scoop on the top. If you need some more kick you can add frangelico liqueur on the vanilla ice cream as well.