Features of Panasonic Telephone System that proves it to be worthy

With PABX IP telecommunication system becoming popular in the recent year, there have been many collaborations of the PABX system with other affiliated brands that have become renowned.  While there is an entire list of brands and products that are affiliated with the PBX telephonic system; a few have managed to stand out in comparison to others. The Panasonic association with PBX system is one such affiliation that has proven to be much worthy and successful, particularly for small scale businesses centrally based in the UAE.

Importance of communication for businesses

The crucial role that an effective communication system plays for business is undeniable. Businesses can either be small scale or large scale but regardless of the scale or level – a worthy, responsive and efficient communication system is very important for a business. While sitting inside the office premises, you require being in constant contact with the outer world. This is not only from a personal perspective but vital for the growth and expansion of the business as well. This is particularly why utmost important is given to a reliable communication system, and the Panasonic telephone system is believed to be a top choice in this regard.

About the Panasonic telephonic system

Panasonic is a reliable and trustworthy brand that has been around for a long time. It is a name that has a stable reputation in the world of technology. Recently, in association with the PBX system, Panasonic came up with the Panasonic communication system. This extensive system has been solely put together to facilitate small and wide scale businesses and assist them in business functions.


The features of the telephone system by Panasonic are sole evidence that it is worthy enough to be trusted with your business. Let’s take a look at the highlight features of this communication system and understand it better with an insight into its superior characteristics.

Feature 1- Capacity

The first thing that needs to be highlighted about the Panasonic telephonic system is the capacity that it offers to its users. Since this communication system is meant for businesses, it is mandatory that it offers maximum capacity as well. This is the only way to ensure effective and seamless functionality. No two businesses are the same. Some businesses are small scale while others operate on a wide level. The number of people working in a company also depends on its scale. The communication system is meant to facilitate effective communication between people rather than create halts and restrict response. Panasonic’s system is superlative and worthy for all businesses because it comes with a wide capacity. The system supports more than 1K users to use the system at the same time. Moreover, it can be used in more than 16 places simultaneously without any disruptions or halts. This proves that it does not matter what your need is – Panasonic is designed to deliver.

Feature 2 – Voice Quality and Control

Another thing that is of utmost importance for a good communication system is the quality of the voice. That is the entire purpose of communication – to be able to interact over distances through audio calls, video calls, voice emails and notes with clarity. The voice quality and performance is something that you will not have to worry about with this communication system by Panasonic. In addition to the quality of the voice calls, another thing that is assured with this communication system of Panasonic is control. Quality is 100% manually controllable by the users. You can manual set all settings and also order the system to record every incoming and outgoing call for safety purposes. It can also be helpful for future reference.

Feature 3 – Automated responses

One feature that set apart the Panasonic communication system from all other competitor products is automated responses. With the automated response system, no customer has to be kept waiting to be connected to an available respondent or business representative. In fact, the automated responses ensure that no call is left unattended and all customers are catered to. Moreover, it is superior designed to shift all calls to relevant business departments by the nature of the calls. This automatically makes your business multiple times more responsive as well because no customer will be felt left out neither will you miss out on any update with an active live record.

Feature 4 – Cordless connection

Cordless connectivity is a must these days. With technology having advanced so much, it is only natural that businesses get the chance to avail such flexibility. The cordless connection is a latest technological trend that eliminates the dependency of any tech product on a cord. This also helps to promote productivity in business on various levels. The cordless connection facilitates the employees and staff as well as the customers and offers maximum flexibility which allows all business functions to be carried out without any hassle or hurdles.

Feature 5 – Voice Mail Services

No telephonic communication system can be dubbed worthy these days if it does not come with an extensive voice mail service. The Panasonic system wins hearts because it offers well-designed and responsive voice mail services along with emails. Today we live in a technologically advanced world, and hence, it is not smart to stick to traditional tech ways without having access to advanced tech. The amazing thing about the Panasonic system is that it not only offers high-end voice mail services and email services with clarity but has integrated both services. This has given birth to a new innovative business solution that offers high-end efficient work solutions to the customers. The upside of this technology integration is that it has made the services multiple times more efficient. This new way of voice mail services being offered by Panasonic offers the customers a greater chance to stay in touch with all recent updates if they are currently unavailable with the feature of push notifications. All in all, Panasonic has proven worthy with amazing features once again.

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