Gestational Surrogacy in Georgia

Gestational surrogacy is allowed in Georgia and in countries like Ukraine, Russia, California, Israel and the USA as no statute or published case law prohibits the procedure. Gestational surrogacy is commonly performed at Fertility Centers in Georgia. It is a successful treatment for childless couples who otherwise would not be able to conceive their own genetic children.

According to the Georgian law, the commissioning parent(s) and not the surrogate mother are registered as parent(s) of the resulting child(ren). This is the case even when gametes come from third-party donors and not the intended parent(s).

A surrogate, or gestational carrier involved in gestational surrogacy is referred to a woman who agrees to carry a pregnancy for another individual or couple. A gestational carrier is usually compensated for her services of carrying the pregnancy and for other medical expenses she incurs during pregnancy.

Owing to the emotional and legal complications, the parties involved in a surrogacy should obtain legal and psychological counseling.

A traditional surrogate is different from a gestational carrier in a way that the surrogate uses her own egg and the sperm of the commissioning parents. This surrogacy option is often not recommended as in traditional surrogacy, the surrogate is genetically related to the child.

Indications For using a Gestational Surrogate

A gestational surrogate is commissioned when a woman is unable to carry a healthy pregnancy to due term. This could be due to a number of medical reasons, including:


  • Various uterine abnormalities
  • The absence of a uterus (due to a hysterectomy or being born without a functional uterus)
  • Recurrent abortions
  • Medical conditions which can lead both mother and child to health risk during pregnancy and delivery


Male same-sex partners may also sometimes choose to hire a gestational surrogate in order to have a child who is genetically related to one of the partners. Many couples in Georgia are now pursuing this option.

Gestational Surrogacy Success Rates in Georgia

The success rates for Gestational surrogacy may vary considerably from one country to another and largely relies on the age of the woman providing the eggs. Most IVF surrogacy cycles performed with donor eggs have pregnancy rates that are 50 percent or more in the first IVF attempt. There are often frozen embryos remaining, therefore the cumulative success rate of gestational surrogacy can be 80 percent from one egg retrieval.

Cost of Gestational Surrogacy in Georgia

The cost of gestational surrogacy in Georgia is comparatively higher than the IVF treatments as it involves legal agreements, IVF procedures, and potentially egg and sperm harvesting or donation. The surrogacy cost may vary from one jurisdiction to another based on certain legal and medical issues.

Surrogates usually earn about $40,000 per pregnancy, and medical expenses related to surrogacy treatments can run between $50,000 and $90,000 additionally.

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