How Infographics Are Useful for Social Media Marketing [Research]

The use of social media has increased tremendously over the past few years; this has led the marketers to use this platform for marketing and sales. Social media marketing has thus become an important part of every business marketing plan. This has given rise to increasing the competition which means now every business marketing plan shall have something that allows them to differentiate themselves from others.

Infographics For Grabbing Audience’s Attention

Infographics are now being used to derive attention of the targeted audience thus infographic has proved to be useful for social media marketing.  It is a tool which provides high graphical visualization in an innovative manner specially for 500 instagram followers, displaying the content to be more attractive to the audience also making it easy to understand and digest. Visual tools are used to explain the whole story instead of writing it down in words, this makes easier for the audience to understand and grab. Also, people are generally less interested in writing than a visual image; visual image helps in grabbing the attention.

Info-graphic Source

Humans require optic nerve activation to grab most of the information, visual imaging allows to activate the optic nerve making it easier for the audience to digest the visual information. Infographics with visual imaging allow capturing the attention which otherwise could not be gained with words or sentences.

If the infographics imaging is combined with well-written words becomes a very helpful tool to get the above satisfactory information to the audience. Not all humans are into facts and numbers some like to have graphical imaging and pictures so the information provided through infographics help to a great extent in social media marketing.

Brand Awareness Can Be Increased Using Infographics;

Infographics are not just about visual imaging, in fact, it is well designed to carry relevant information about the brand, the infographic image can also include logos, websites, email addresses and even the information of contact. This helps in improving the brand awareness, it is found to increase the brand awareness by 12% if the content is used in right manner. Infographics not just tell the people about the brand but it also shows the visual content which is known to be more effective than words or text.

Making the Social Media Marketing Viral;

Advertising agencies have come up to the conclusion that material with visual imaging is able to generate far more views than any text or plain image. The page view goes up to 14% if visual imaging is being used. This post can include both the image and the words and relevant information thus making it easier for the viewer to understand. This makes the social media content go viral in no time. the main point extracted from the above explanation is that visual content is more attractive to human eyes, this content helps in sending the same message or story that otherwise is explained through text or paragraphs. Visual content gets more viral than textual ones, so infographics is a great tool to gain social media marketing.


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