How to assure apartment security? Best tips for apartment security

There is perhaps no country in this entire world that is free of crime. Criminals are present everywhere. Whether it be the small burglaries or more significant robberies, you may find someone in your neighborhood being a victim of it. Considering that, you will always try to keep the trouble away, and an excellent way to do it is by reviewing the security of your home. Here are best tips for apartment security that will allow you to lower the risk of burglary.

Replacing the strike plate of deadbolt

First of all, you can replace the strike plate of the deadbolt that you have at the front door. In case that you don’t know, the strike plate is a metal piece where the latch enters and secures the doorframe. Usually, the strike place is old and rough and is only capable enough to keep your door closed. Any forceful entry may not be prevented, or the durability may be a bit too low. Therefore, try installing new strike plates or replacing the older ones with the deadbolts that come with full metal enclosure and are stronger. Go for the strike plates that can withstand some decent blows rather than getting the fancy, less durable pieces.

Redo the door jamb and door

Although you may think that installation of the decent deadbolt is enough, it may not be the case. There are cases when burglars are able to break the frame with some forceful strikes. There is likely to be a bit of softwood in your door, mainly where the strike plate is secured. Thus, reinforcing your door and door jamb will allow adding some more security to it. There are people that attach steel layer to the door frame to make it more endurable.

Replacing your door

In order to make your apartment securer, you may like to replace the door completely. There are places with cheap hollow core doors installed that are not strong. They are easy to break, and burglars search for such sites. So, to make things difficult for them, try replacing the door with either a stable wood door or you may like to consider a metal front door. For your information, the steel doors are not as expensive as they may seem to be.

Securing the hinges

The expert thief will come up with several ways of breaking into a house. One weak point that they can search for is the door hinge. If the straps of your door are exposed, you may like to secure them. There are different actions that you can perform that include setscrew in the hinge, crimped pins, and adding safety studs. No matter which one you choose, it will prevent the hook from being removed and your door from getting lifted up entirely.

Adding security light (and camera)

While talking about best tips for apartment security, not mentioning the surveillance options and overlooking security lights and cameras is unwise. Look forward to various security solutions available in the market. Add a suspicious security light that makes the burglar rethink what he is going to do, and a camera will also warn him that he is being watched.


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