How to Get Viral Traffic From Twitter

When you want more traffic from Twitter, you want more followers and more engagement with them. You can buy twitter followers for more traffic. Twitter have 300 million active users. 88 percent of Twitter users are on mobile, and 500 million people tweet daily.


Twitter now have visual feature. It auto expand the image in your tweet. By using visual content with your tweet has become important than ever. Amazing tweets will stand out against your other tweets and will go a long way. This the one way to get more traffic. It has been noticed that links having visual image engaged more people than simple tweets.

When creating a tweet, upload photo with your tweet, this will add a link to your photo.

Choose the photo that attracts to the people. And more likes come to your post. The photo must have a link to your post and that incentivize people to click.

Clue in tweets:

Whenever tweeting the links, don’t write whole about the content. If the reader gets the whole idea from the tweet, then why they will open the link given down. Create your tweet as highlighting the benefits, but still, it generates some curiosity.

Never use full 40 characters in your tweet, try to use words between 120 to 130 because a tweet is having characters less than 140 gets more click rates.


Posting the same post several times on social media is considered to be bad practice.

But sometimes it is beneficial. Updates on Twitter can be missed easily, and your followers can be disappointed that they miss your latest post. So you can share the post by changing the image and some text used in the image. In this case, you can tweet the same link with different content. But you should listen to that at different times, or you can use Twitter scheduling tool for it. This technique helps you to get your tweets in front of many followers.

Pay attention to the news:

People love to tweet about news content, and mostly re-tweet it. If you use trending topic of your news to tweet, you can attract many people, and that will increase your traffic. Buy Twitter followers who are attracted to new can also help you to increase the traffic.

Always add value:

Your tweets should be informative, useful and should add value to your followers. If you post something boring and simple, people won’t attract to your tweet, and will not re-tweet. Even someone can report your account, and your account cab is suspended.

Tweet the stuff that is useful to people whether it is about news, any information, warning, it should be relevant and not boring. Tweets that attract followers there are many chances that you can get viral traffic from Facebook. Some business uses Twitter for advertising, for more people to follow you, you can buy twitter followers that can help to make your business more popular among people.

The best way to get viral traffic on Twitter you can buy twitter followers. They will be beneficial for increasing your traffic.

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