Computer plays a very vital role in our lives because of its accuracy. All of your data relating to your personal life, all kind of businesses and the industrial sectors is just one click away using a computer. It’s very boisterous and inconvenient to keep a record of all the data manually. Nothing slows down your business except a slow-moving Computer. If your computer is wasting your precious time, here are some tips for How to increase Computer speed:

Evacuate programs no longer in use

If you keep the programs which you don’t use in your computer, they will slow down your computer by using memory, space on your disk, and most important of all the processing power. These unnecessary apps run automatically, and you have no idea why they are even running. It’s never too late to get rid of this useless and cluttered wasted system on your computer.

Turn off the visual effects

Don’t mind losing the visual effects such as mouse shadows. You can choose to turn off of these visual effects by your self or let the windows choose for you. Reduce your screen resolution it will increase battery life and speed up the things slightly. Prefer your computer running faster than looking prettier.

Run a few programs at the same time

If you are a type of user who likes to open multiple programs at a time and a lot of window browsers are open at once. So, don’t be surprised by the slow speed of your computer. This uses a lot of your memory, so use least programs at a time.

Use only one antivirus program

Make sure that you are running only one antivirus program. If you use multiple antivirus programs, they will signal out each other as a virus, and it will end up eating your system resources hence slowing down your computer.

Upgrade your RAM

If you want to use multiple programs at a time and expect your computer to work more efficiently. Then all you need to do is upgrade your RAM. Upgrading memory will eliminate the problems of slow processing of your computer.

If you have tried all the tips mentioned above and still your computer lags. Then you might need a new computer or look for some hardware upgrades, such as a faster video card or new hard disk drive. Don’t let a slow computer stop your productivity. So follow the above steps and increase the speed of your computer.