Customer is the key focus element of any business and the value of good customer service can never be denied. You as a business entity need to focus on establishing good relations with your customers so that you can have an increased level of sales. Below mentioned are some of the simple tips to help businesses in increasing the revenues with great customer service on Instagram:

1-    ask for reviews

Once you have provided your valuable services to your customers, ask them regarding the reviews for that particular product or service that you have provided. This is one of the best ways to increase a customer’s interaction with you. Asking for reviews will help you in strengthening your relationship with your customers. Moreover, this way you can gain new customers by taking help from the reviews posted by your previous customers.

2-    post the customer responses

Once you have taken reviews from the customers, you can increase your customer service by adding those reviews from your prospective customers to the public responses. You can have a customer services team for this purpose so that you can separately thank each of the customers who have given reviews about your services. In case you have got a bad review, you have to show professionalism in that case too and respond to that review positively by ensuring your customer that you will identify and solve the root cause of the problem.

3-    share customer service interactions

Social media now is a hub for businesses and no business in this era of globalization can survive without having its social media account. You can use your customer service interactions positively by sharing those interactions with your followers on different social media platforms. You can share Instagram photos, video testimonials and product reviews with the other users on social media.

4-    retain existing customers

Customers are the assets of a business.   By providing amazing customer service to your customers, you have the chance of retaining them for the long term. You have two options for your business, either you can have the new customers or you can retain the older ones. Retaining old customers is 25 times cost-effective than the other option. One way to interact is via messaging. SME’s now need info about instagram direct messaging so they can increase customer retention on social media.