How vital is the Education In Arab World?

Arab countries are traveling on the steep curve. The curve is increasing towards the welfare, but there is a long road ahead. Individual efforts are required from the top sources to achieve the best solution. Competition has always been the textbook key that motivates the student to move forward. But Arab students are lacking behind on international competitions. There is a large gap between Arab student and an international student. This can visibly scene. Students have no fault in this all the credit goes to the education system operating in the Arab countries. There are some colleges in the Arab world that are teaching on to the Ivy League standards.

But those are few of the kind and have limited seats. To change an education system, it is totally dependent on the teacher. But if the teachers are not making an effort the schools won’t be producing good students anytime soon. Governments are also not giving the required attention to the education matter. Many would argue that funding is all can a government do but actually, the government decisions are the only key that can change the education system quickly.

What are urgent changes that need to be made in Arab countries?

The Arab needs to make the change necessary policies for the educational system present. They need to immediate kill the down the process that has been leeching the funding of the Arab countries education. Some people also leech on the resources of the school. They end up destroying the resources of the schools that can provide sufficient damage to the students learning curve. The government needs to improve the whole educational system. The first amendment they need to make is in the quality of education. The quality of the teachers which are present in the education system and quality of books which are providing education in the Arab world to enrolled students. If the book is not educating enough then changing other things won’t help much. Proper learning book should provide across the steep curve of learning graph.

Why is an education in Arab world vital for all citizens?

A common yet very informative and revolutionary question. Education is very vital to change thinking process of one personality. The education is important for the citizen to know their right. The citizen should know how to defend their rights. When an educated person talks about the rights, it looks good as it fits according to the personality. Non-education one doesn’t even discuss this topic. They hide behind the face of innocent who can bear all the problems. This is where it gets the wrong one should have full knowledge of his rights a citizen. Education also teaches the norms and ethics about to live in society. This process grows eventually when a citizen gets enough educational exposure. Ethics gives dignity to the person. Society respects such person who has discipline behavior and respects other boundaries. These are few of the reason why people want to live in society.

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