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Information for Authors


The IPT Beacon is a peer-reviewed online journal of work in International Political Theory. Although the Beacon will include outstanding articles published in other journals, it also welcomes submissions of original articles in this field.  Prospective authors should examine our editorial policy when considering submission. 



Editorial policy


The IPT Beacon is committed to presenting each quarter a limited number (currently 8 to 12) of articles in international political theory which in the judgement of our editorial board are the best published anywhere.  The editorial board collectively monitor the latest issue of each of 40+ peer-reviewed journals and nominate from these journals the articles they judge to be outstanding.  The editors on the selection panel receive the nominations and then independently evaluate the articles in order to identify those to be featured in the IPT Beacon. The chief criteria for selection are importance of topic, significance and originality of contribution, and quality of argumentation.


Articles may be submitted by authors directly for publication in the IPT Beacon.  Submitted articles will be subject to double-blind review by members of the editorial board or external referees.  Articles recommended by the reviewers  will then be considered by the editorial selection panel alongside those nominated from among already-published articles for a final decision.  If the submitted article is judged by the panel to be of comparable quality and interest it will be accepted for publication in the IPT Beacon.


Because submitted articles compete for a place with outstanding articles already published elsewhere, the acceptance/rejection ratio will, as a guide, be lower than the average rate for all journals which carry IPT articles.  We will aim to provide constructive feedback on articles which come close to our quality threshold, and in certain cases invite resubmission of a revised version.



To submit an article


Articles should be submitted as an email attachment, in Word or Rich Text Format, to the editor. The file should be fully anonymised, with any self-identifying material included in the text of the accompanying email. The first page of the article file should provide an abstract of not more than 150 words. Articles should not normally exceed 8,000 words.  Notes should be kept to an absolute minimum and appended at the end of the file in ordinary text format (not automatic foot/endnote format). Appropriate references to all relevant academic publications should be incorporated, and the accuracy of references is entirely the author's responsibility.  Spelling may be British or American English. Any standard referencing convention may be used, provided it is consistent throughout, but one not requiring footnotes is preferred.


By submitting your article to the IPT Beacon you declare that it is your original work, that it has not been published, in whole or in part, and is not about to be published, in any other academic publication in print or online.


A confirmation of receipt of your submission will be sent by e-mail.


Articles submitted will be reviewed by the editors and external referees according to the procedures set out in our editorial policy. Decisions will be communicated from 4-8 weeks from date of submission. Accepted articles will be published between 6 and 16 weeks from date of submission.