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February 2008 - Site overhauled, links updated; Books section currently undergoing reconstruction; IPT Beacon Issue 4 due soon.


5 February 2008: 22 papers added, including from Richard J. Arneson, Gillian Brock, Simon Caney, Katherine Eddy, Saladin Meckled-Garc’a, David Miller, Darrel Moellendorf, Sanjay G. Reddy, Kok-Chor Tan Fernando R. Teson


18 June 2007: 11 podcasts added, including presentations by Martha Nussbaum, Thomas Pogge,  Amartya Sen, Peter Singer, Joseph Stiglitz, Michael Walzer (follow audio link from videos page)


11 June 2007: Issue 3 of IPT Beacon.


1 October 2006: Issue 2 of IPT Beacon.


21 August 2006: 25 papers added, by authors including Ulrich Beck, Noam Chomsky, David Held, Robert Keohane, Anthony McGrew, Thomas Pogge, and Ngaire Woods.


16 July 2006: 15 papers added, by authors including Alex Callinicos, Nancy Fraser, Abner Greene, David Luban, Vasuki Nesiah, Alan Patten, Eric A. Posner, Ingrid Robeyns, John Tasioulas.


26 June 2006: added videos by Michael Walzer, Michael Doyle, Jeffrey Sachs and Amartya Sen.


19 June 2006: 25 new papers added - by Ronald Dworkin, Mervyn Frost, Robert Keohane, David Luban, Philip Pettit, William Scheuerman, John Tasioulas and others. Also a new video of Noam Chomsky.


12 June 2006: added ten papers, five videos from Yale Law School, a new audio section and some additional links to recommended websites.


5 June 2006: added 10 videos, including talks by Francis Fukuyama, Samuel Huntington, John Mearsheimer, Vandana Shiva, Joseph Weiler and others.


29 May 2006: Our first week online was a great success, receiving 4000 visitors. We thanked everyone for their messages of support and for spreading the word about the site. We added videos and 15 unpublished papers from authors including Charles Beitz and Jźrgen Habermas.


22 May 2006: This website was launched with Issue 1 of The IPT Beacon.







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