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Australian skills and training academy tends to act as a training college for students, providing them with various courses and certification III in electro-technology electrician. For being an electrician, this certificate is required of people. For enrollment into this training program students need photo ID and construction induction white card. Requirements for entry are for one to be fifteen years of age at least, should have three years of electrical experience minimum and should have a USI. To enroll into this course, enquiries and applications can be sent at any time of the year.

Course Requirements

  • Following are the course requirements for students:
  • Participation in electrical work and competency development activities
  • Apply Occupational Health and Safety rules
  • Assemble and fabricate industry components
  • Awareness about problem solving in D.C. circuits
  • Fix and secure electro-technology equipment
  • Make use of diagrams, codes, drawings, schedules, standards and specifications
  • Solving problems in single and three phase low voltage machines
  • Solving problems in single and three phase low voltage electrical machinery
  • Solve problems in electromagnetic devices and related circuits
  • Install low voltage wiring and accessories
  • Terminate cords and accessories for low voltage circuits


Duration of Training college

The duration of the course is within twelve months. The course takes place on two evenings in a week. The two reserved evenings are Monday and Wednesday and also Saturday once every six weeks.

Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of prior learning is a process in which previously learned competencies are assessed.  The RPL process can be followed through the soonest the student provides all of the required documents and evidences and accommodates the complete process. Six months are allowed for this process, though mostly students just take one.

The RPL could be of any form, including formal or informal training, educational experience and life or work experience. The evidence for RPL can be in form of work related documents, photos or media, certificates, testimonials from clients, references from employers and/or any other valid source.

Before granting recognition of prior learning, the assessor should be certain that the candidate is truly competent in all his previously learned skills. The evidence should be thoroughly examined and checked for reliability. The evidence should be authentic, reliable and valid.


This training academy allows licensing for candidates in the field they choose. The recognition of prior learning qualifies students to become licensed. The following types of licenses are issued to candidates:

  • Trades
  • Specialist trades for instance electrical or plumbing
  • Minor maintenance
  • Minor trade work
  • Minor cleaning work


Apprenticeships available through Australian skills and training academy are:

  • Certificate III in Bricklaying
  • Certificate III in Formwork
  • Certificate III in Carpentry
  • Certificate III in Floor tiling and wall

Contact Information

The training academy is accessible and open to all. Contact can be easily made via email at admin@myasta.edu.au. Office hours are Monday till Friday 08:30 a.m. to 05:00 p.m. the phone contact number is 02 9632 1661.



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