Learn the ultimate performance management process

If you want the performance management process to work efficiently it is important that is applied consistently. Understanding the performance management process is important for all supervisors.it can work wonders with achieving individual as well as organizational goals if a supervisor is equipped with it. So now we must look into what basically the performance management process is.

According to some written handbook, the performance management process is a systematic process of planning, monitoring, developing, rating and rewarding. To further explain it, it means planning out work and determining certain expectations. Then monitoring the performance on it continuously. Building and developing the capacity so that you can perform. Rating the performance from time to time in a summarized way and finally rewarding those with efficient performance. Each step has its own significant requirements and complexities.

In the first step which is planning. The employees should have a meeting with the supervisor in order to come up with some performance plans. Here it is the job of the supervisor to create goals that can be measured that are also in accordance with the company’s strategy and operations. These should also be discussed with the employees. The employees here get to learn how their performance can have an impact the company.

The next step is monitoring. This is mainly the job of the supervisor to monitor and see each step of the progress by employees. An efficient monitoring process is not only checking the progress on the pre-determined date but also on regular basis. This gives the supervisor a chance to make amends and changes right during the course wherever he feels the need. This saves time and prevents long term mistakes which have much more serious consequences. This is also good for the employees since they get to learn from their mistakes quickly instead of getting to know in the end when they have invested too much of their time and effort into it.

When it comes to developing it is basically the job of the supervisor to judge from the process of monitoring whether the employees need further development or not. To develop the employee means to make them more capable through formal trainings, coaching regarding various difficult areas, informal training, and giving them more responsibilities. Through these remedies the employee can be developed in to a more polished and refined worker which can be prove to be an asset for the company in all ways.

Moving on to rating, here the supervisor utilizes his knowledge which he has gained by working with the employees over the period of time to determine the growth and performance of the employee from the starting level to the final level. This is usually not something out of the blues for the employee since they usually know where they stand because of various discussions with the supervisor about their performance.

The last step in rewarding. These rewards should be distinct among all employees with reference to their levels of performance.


one can learn more about the art of the performance management process through six disciplines.

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