Everyone wants to live a better life. As much as possible, you don’t want to suffer in life, especially when you have a family. You want to provide for them, make their lives convenient and ensure that they’re living a good life. Achieving all of these goals might be challenging, but when you gain your MA in Theology, things can become a lot easier. When you have an MA in Theology, you can do many things – things which the average person can’t do and things which can make your life better. In short, MA in Theology can open several doors for you which you and your family can benefit from. Here’s how:

  1. Employers will value your academic background: When you apply for a specific position in a company, employers will pay attention to your resume, especially with your educational background. This is one way for them to assess if your skill sets are fit for the vacant position. When you have an MA in Theology, employers will value you better because:
  • Your subjects in Theology will hone you to become open-minded and tolerant of other culture which makes you suitable for positions in teaching and local government. Any position which allows you to be in contact with the general public can be an excellent option for your next post.
  • Additionally, since you’ll be able to debate about religion and world cultures without giving offense to other people, you can excel in any position which involves the general public namely in the police, social service, and politics.
  • Your MA in Theology will also allow you to have a better understanding of people and groups. As a result, you’ll be able to develop good people management skills, making you a perfect fit for managerial and supervisory positions.
  • Since most employers will choose you over other applicants, it’ll be easier for you to land a job where you can practice what you’ve learned from your MA in Theology. You’ll be putting your academic qualifications in good use!
  1. You’ll have a lot of career opportunities: Just like other courses, MA in Theology can also provide many career opportunities for you. You can apply to jobs which are only available when you have an MA in Theology. Some of these are as follows:
  • Professor: Generally, you’ll be teaching students about subjects in Theology. You’ll also provide assistance in conducting researches in order for the students to enhance their concentration. Working as a professor with an MA in Theology can help you earn a median salary of $89,005.
  • Rabbi: Unlike traditional professors who teach particular subjects, Rabbis are spiritual leaders with the Jewish faith which provides guidance in schools, hospitals or the military. When you’re a Rabbi, you can earn $70,470 as your median salary.
  • Executive Director: Executive directors work as a senior manager and is responsible for overseeing everyone in the organization to make sure that everyone is meeting their responsibilities. Depending on the nature of the organization, the role of executive directors vary. You’ll earn $70,470 when you work as an executive director.
  • Lead pastor: A lead pastor is someone who assists the senior pastors with the responsibilities in their congregation through worship and religious education. When you’re a lead pastor, you can earn up to $60,527 as your median salary.
  • Writer: When you have an MA in theology, and you work as a writer, you’ll be providing content for an organization which is related to topics in religion. You’ll either need to write content which can inspire or educate the readers. A writer can earn $48,143 as their median salary.
  • Minister: If you see yourself making a career in public speaking after gaining an MA in theology, you can work as a minister. A minister is responsible for providing their own community with religious and spiritual support through public speaking services.

The list presented above only details some of the careers available when you have an MA in Theology. The list still goes on which includes a career as a chaplain, priest, community outreach coordinator and music director. With the options of careers you can choose from, you’ll be able to find one which is up your alley!

  1. You can get personal enrichment: Aside from the career opportunities you’ll have when you have an MA in Theology, you can also get personal enrichment from it. This can be your avenue to dig deep into your faith with God and engage with God in new levels. You’ll be able to do things which you would never do on your own, which can lead you to become a more refreshed and improved person.

Worth The Investment

For some, living a better life can become a struggle. Some don’t know where to start and how to actually do it; some might even feel frustrated after doing everything but to no avail. But when you have an MA in Theology, the entire process can become faster and easier. This course can become your ticket to do more things, which can result in a better improved life.

Trisha Margeurite

Trisha Margeurite believes that given enough passion, time, and effort, one can achieve anything. As a contributor for sites such as HistoryDegree.net, her passion towards the academe has translated into works that aren’t only technically precise and accurate, but also wonderfully-written. Her love for reading about current events and understanding concepts within theology has allowed her to make her pieces have a creative flair that her readers go back to everyday. When she’s not studying, she bakes for her family and friends.

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