With increased security issues and crime rates on the rise, security surveillance cameras are the need of the hour. Although it seems as a straightforward process, it isn’t as easy as it first seems. With the wireless and video technology there is a great variety of cameras available today from which you can choose the one that meets your need best!

Why surveillance cameras?

Surveillance cameras are used as means of ensuring security whether it’s a public place or a home. Security cameras are to stop people from burglary and to catch them on spot. And with the rising rate of crime, people are not more alert than ever before. They are a good way for you to keep an eye at home when you aren’t there. Surveillance cameras are of many types some of which are as follows.

Types of surveillance cameras

Here are some types of surveillance cameras melbourne:

  1. Bullet cameras
  2. IP cameras
  3. Outdoor and indoor cameras
  4. Wireless, wired and wire-free
  5. Dome cameras
  6. Voice integrated, smart cameras

Home security cameras in Melbourne

In Melbourne, different companies provide all sorts of surveillance cameras to meet your needs. They help you keep an eye at your home or workplace even when you aren’t there. You even have remote access to the cameras through your phone be it android, iPhone or PC which provide you high definition videos. In Melbourne IBEST security is one of the companies that offers all sorts of security cameras which are perfectly designed to meet your needs. They provide state-of-the-art cameras which are both; reliable and affordable.

Here are some features offered by IBEST security which provide solutions to some issues:

  1. Providing such security cameras which can provide a view of up to 30m in pure dark.
  2. With zoom capability vehicle number plates can also be captured.

IBEST offers a complete range of digital video recorders and home security cameras. For Melbourne, whether it’s a basic analog CCTV that you’re looking for or a high definition IP surveillance, IBEST is the right option for you!

Benefits of surveillance cameras

Here are some benefits of security cameras

  1. Deterring crime: Whether at home or a workplace, you can monitor any crime and hence prevent it from occurring.
  2. Monitor activities: In an office setting or at a workplace, these cameras can help you monitor the activities of your clients, workers.
  3. Maintaining records: These cameras can save records of happening and events so if you’ve missed out on them, you can easily scroll back and view your records.