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It is the question answer money making website. This question and answer sharing website allow you to create free accounts and you are able to ask or answer the questions and earn money from it. The user has to answer the question and achieve a  certain amount of points, which enable him to go to the next level.

Different user posts the questions by answering their questions you can earn. After the registration on, someone will ask a question, and you have to answer it, and in return, they will pay you. Even some sites let you answers the user question on the call or messaging.

Before you start answering the questions, you have to fill an application form online and get approved by the website.


In answering the questions on the site, you should have knowledge of the related field you are going answer. That will make you earn more. You should search different topic on the net and increase your knowledge, so you can answer more and more and get lots of money.

There are Some sites that allow only phone users to answer the questions. site has 13 categories in which you have to answer. These categories include,

Beauty: The topic beauty includes questions related to men and women both. Questions can be about acne, tattoo, weight loss, haircut, facial scars and wearing heels can increase beauty or not.

Art and craft: The category of art includes questions such as, how art is created, how to make the storyline and much more related all to the artwork.


Business field: The business category includes all questions of business, about software, ways to motivate your employees and how to earn more by doing business. These questions are business related, one having knowledge about business can answer them, so make sure to have knowledge of it, do a search on the net or read books. You can even consult the business person he can give you good information.


Transport: This category has questions about cars and its affordability. Questions on car accident and transport problems.


Computer: One category in LastAnswer site is also about computers. Here you will have all questions related to computer technology.


Dining out, education, entertainment, environment, family, food and drink these all are also categories include in LastAnswer site of question answers from which you can earn.

The questions can vary in numbers, you can have sometimes more or sometimes less. Answering them will make you earn more. Get knowledge of the fields and then try to answer them.

The LastAnswer site gives you the chance to earn when you are free. You can’t get rich, so much, but having expertise in this field will make you earn more day by day and the end of the month you would have extra money to buy many things. Nowadays, many people are singing into last answers site, because it is fun and also an easy way to earn money. As having many categories, it gives a chance to many people of different fields to answer these questions.

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