Years change and fashion and trends change alongside. There are a number of people that want to keep up with latest fashion trends and would be looking to adjust their apparels and accessories accordingly. One of the remarkable items that add up to your personality is your glasses. Whether it be the prescription glasses or simple sunglasses, you need to assure that the frame you are picking complies with the modern standards of style. So, here is a brief overview of round glasses trends in 2018.

Vintage round frames

The vintage word can be applied to anything that belongs to 50s, 60s, or even 70s era. However, when we talk about the glasses and what you have available in the market right now, some frames are made with styles that date as far back as 20s and 30s. Generally, the vintage glasses are labelled to have thick rims, and their wire frame may come with the double bridge. When it comes to the material that is being used in these glasses, it varies according to the brand and make. Some even come up with the faux leather trims.

A big thanks to the individuals that label stuff as vintage because it gives us a number of styles within the category of vintage frames due to the fact that you have a good span of time when the fashion was in developing stages. There is a huge variety for individuals that want to pick a frame from these categories.

To keep it precise, you should go for the one that pops a unique old-school vibe as they can be best used with cocktail suits and even along your casual loose t-shirt and jeans. This kind of glasses mostly suit individuals that have square or an angular face.

Retro round frames

When we talk about retro we are referring to a style that offers you versatile options. Go for the lavish thin wire frame that comes with tinted lenses (whether sunglasses or prescription glasses as even the prescription lenses are available to you in shades nowadays). However, for those of you that are looking towards a different kind of retro, the futuristic metallic accent accompanied by thick frames can be your pick.

Generally, the retro frames are inspired by 50s 60s styles and usually has a touch of rock and roll fashion in it (as if you remember the styles of John Lennon). When it comes to the material of retro frames, we are taking into account the thick plastic frames that have either total black design or the tortoiseshell look. Moreover, the all black designs with wireframe that is in black accent and compliment the base frame would be a great pick.

Final words

So, this is a guide about round glasses trends and a couple of styles for you. Do note that round glasses do great with an oval and square face. Even the individuals with heart face shapes can try it out. If you got an oblong face, the round glasses that come with larger style could be your pick.


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