Social Media Run 21st Century World

Social Media is what runs our modern day 21st century world and the lives of every individual with access to the internet and Wi-Fi. Websites such as Myspace and Facebook made it possible to begin connecting to people all over the world from all kinds of backgrounds who share all types of interests with one another. Today’s society is even more connected and socialized than they have been in the past.  News and messages can be instantly shared and accessed and this is the basic foundation and way of social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing is the way people and businesses use the Internet’s rapid ability to spread information about their work and products. Businesses offer interaction with customers through these platforms in order to listen to their requests to improve their service and bring in more revenue. Aside from promoting their products this means of interacting with customers builds an image to the public which can be inviting to a multitude of different age groups. Social media has been a tool people use to push themselves to the top and make even more of a name for themselves. This is especially the case for artists, or more specifically, me.

Just like any other kid I loved cartoons, in fact, they were what made me begin to

appreciate art and look at it as something more than a hobby, but rather a career. Cartoons such

as Steven Universe and Disney’s movies are special to me because many of them have

inspirational stories and messages, such as self-acceptance and how it’s important to stand up for

what you believe in. My immediate career goal is to work within a major animation studio, such as Disney’s animation studio, where I would help design characters and animate for various projects. In regards to social media, companies such as Disney use many forms of it to help advertise their movies, even though they are a well-known brand, because they want to see their movies do as well as their others have. They are aware of the impact their projects have and cater to those who appreciate and encourage them through social media outlets because it’s easier to reach more people that way. Bringing characters to life and placing them in major motion pictures is definitely undervalued which is why I hope to express the beauty and hard work that comes from it. I want to be able to one day promote concept art in order to excite and entice future fans of movies I help to design.

The Media Arts and Animation program at The Art Institute of Austin, where I’m currently attending (as an undergraduate college freshman), offers courses that are essential in preparing me to be able to work both efficiently and professionally in animation studios. This campus focuses on building networks with other creatives in several different art related industries. This is important because people in the arts possess many skills that are useful in projects such as movies, music, writing, and recommend each other for jobs very often.

Networking in this modern era through social media is something especially important and vital to the success of myself and others in the artistic industry. As an up and coming artist my method to social media marketing is through networking apps such as Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr. It is through these applications that my art can be shared to any number of people especially those with connections in my industry. Regardless of that it is important to build up a following or a fan base because the more people support me the more interest and possibilities can come my way. Methods of maintaining and attracting followers for starters would be to stay consistent with the topics on your account. The second would be to have a set posting schedule so that followers have something to look forward to and don’t get bored or think you are inactive. Finally, the third would be to interact and build a personal connection with followers as they are the ones who build you up.

Artists build their career up through social media, branding, and networking, which make it possible for them to land high positions in the industry. Personally, I share my artwork on Instagram and through it I have gained a following of people who support and enjoy my art. There are many other artists I follow on that social media application because the content they post is within my interests, they are very active with drawing and posting their work- a good quality for someone wishing to build a career through the app- and it gives them exposure to people who may be able to offer them jobs. An aspiring animator such as myself is aware of the power and doors these apps can open. On the website Tumblr, it isn’t uncommon to hear of an artist getting hired by a major animation studio because their work and ideas were seen by someone of importance. In fact, it is a common occurrence to hear of a singer whose cover of a song was heard by a major producer and thus got signed into a company, or a model who became a professional industry model, even makeup artists who build up a fanbase get recognized by name brand product companies who give them products to promote them for free. Attaining these new levels of success are possible through social media networking which leads into social media marketing.

With the little features such as hashtags available on most platforms, people can search and view content specific to their interests and there is no limit to who will see what. Hashtags in social media platforms group a large amount of posts relating to an enormous variety of topics for people to see and is easily accessible. Certain topics trend on a regular basis on these platforms based on what current event is occurring in the world. This is how news and information is easily and readily attainable by society. Since there are many new sources on these platforms people can be educated almost instantly by posting questions that at least one individual can answer.

Today’s society lives most of their lives with a portable device glued to their hands spending the majority of their time glued into the social media world. Traditional methods such as television commercials no longer prove as effective as they once were so they market adapted to cater to the changing generations. Social media marketing builds jobs and status, at a much faster rate than before and suits the fast-paced lifestyle of the people.

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