You must have heard about backup cameras and you would probably know why they are mandatory for today’s drivers. We have been hearing a lot about road accidents and the reason is usually the failure of not knowing what’s coming from behind and poor vision of back and rare view. We will now guide you with the list of car models that pre-installed backup cameras along with the wireless backup cameras reviews.

Pre-installed wireless backup cameras

A wired camera system gives you a tough time installing and fitting them. You need to connect a wire from back and then the transmitters will give you the display which probably you are never sure about the result. With the advancement in technologies, we have been introduced to wireless backup cameras. Where you don’t need o invest so much of effort but it’s all done with few steps. Taking a step ahead, now cars are being manufactured that already have wireless backup cameras installed. Just like other features of any car, you would get this feature by hand as well.

Wireless backup cameras

What if you don’t own a car with pre-installed backup cameras. Not to worry we have a list of top wireless backup cameras that can solve your problem and make life easy for you. The most famous of all is Yada Falcon zero Chuanganzhuo Yada digital Pyle backup cameras. There have the best wireless camera reviews and are easily available in the market or you can purchase them online as well. All these cameras come with a high-resolution digital display. Most of them are even waterproof which is the best feature. They have a wider angle range and a large area can be viewed easily.


Engineers are now making it easy for the backup camera lovers by introducing a pre-installed backup camera in the features of every car. It’s not that it has been introduced recently but the hype is now so high that everyone is getting aware of it and implementing it as well to buy these cars. Some of the famous choices and best wireless backup camera reviews are:

Upgraded models

Chevrolet Trax comes with loaded features and backup camera being one of them. It’s a touch screen 7inch screen with built-in wifi.  Larger vehicles must have a built-in feature of backup cameras where Chevrolet Colorado is the best option. It’s a midsized truck with a backup camera feature. It has a 4.2 inch Lcd screen which can be upgraded to a larger screen by investing more in it.

Mazda3 iTouring is another luxurious choice if you want to spend a little more this one is the right choice for you. The camera is connected above the dash which facilitates the driver without looking down rather than having a comfortable view. We also have in list Toyota corolla 2015 which also has the remarkable feature of backup camera

The list goes on and you can add on plenty of choices as now it has become a mandatory option in every car. Rather buy a car or get it installed and buy a camera and get the feature.