Surface pro is an upgraded version of Microsoft available in laptops and tablet but what happens if this is damaged? The question arises, can surface pro be repaired when damaged?

Is surface pro repair possible?

If your surface prop is damaged, many people would ask: “can it be repaired?”. The answer is yes but not always in the best way. The new tablet/laptop hybrid by Microsoft is really hard to be repaired without causing any further damage to it!

Nevertheless, if handed in the right place, it isn’t as impossible as it first seems. It may cost you some money, but it can be done. If professionals handle your device with proper care, and if they are skilled and trained enough, you surface pro can be repaired without a single scratch.

Types of surface pro repairs offered

As delicate and sensitive as it is, surface pro damage is nothing that’s impossible. But there’s a solution to almost every type of damage offered by the company. Here are some of the repairs offered:

  1. Screen replacement
  2. Other hardware repairs
  3. Data recovery
  4. Water damage cleaning
  5. Software issues
  6. Insurance report

Where to get surface pro repairs done

If you accidentally damage your surface pro, the question suddenly raises where to get it fixed. Well, you’ve got many places to go to by searching online and finding the best ones. One option among many would be OnTheGo repairs if you’re living in Melbourne. Like many other services, they deliver quick and reliable services and their technicians are also well-trained.

In almost all cases, repair shops would offer their repair services for a range of surface pro series e.g. surface pro 2, surface pro 3, surface pro 4, surface pro 5, surface pro 6 and surface pro 2017 along with surface book repairs etc.

No matter where around the globe you live, you can easily get your surface pro repaired by any online company by a single click of a button.

What would be the cost?

The overall cost of repairing may be high, but it’ll be worth it, if handed to the right company. The cost depends on the type of damage done to it as well as the warranty period. If the device has accidental coverage policy and a warranty period, the company can repair it without any additional charges as per their policy.