What is the difference in Pinterest and Instagram?

The two image sharing platforms Instagram and Pinterest are popular since the year 2010. They have trapped the entire social media world since their release. Both Pinterest and Instagram contribute to the Internet marketing through certain innovative and enticing features. Basically, they allow the companies to show their products through eye-catching photos. Both the networks serve differently. This article will highlight certain differences between Pinterest and Instagram.

  • Usage of Instagram versus Pinterest

Pinterest focuses on the discovery of the other users’ content. Pinterest can be used as a search engine and the users can look for particular content, tips or products. Users can then create appealing visual boards by grouping the discovered content. Instagram led the users to take their pictures or videos from their smart gadgets, apply a caption to it and then share that content in the social media world.

  • Size of audience

It is evident that Pinterest has around 70 million users while Instagram has more than 300 million users.

  • Links on Instagram versus Pinterest

Pinterest link every pin to the source of a product or an image and that link is usually associated to an external site. Therefore, Pinterest is more commonly used for SEO purposes.

Instagram has no such link to external source instead it is directed to the bio of a user.

  • Common audience

The target audience of Pinterest is females as they account for about more than 70% of the Pinterest users. Moreover, it is commonly used by the little older people with an age range of 30 to 50 years. Instagram has equal representation of both men and women users. Moreover, the Instagram is more popular in the younger age group crowd with less than 30 years of age.

  • Order images

Pinterest has a thematic order of images while Instagram has a chronological order.

  • Creating Photos

Pinterest users have to pin the already existing photos and no such filter can be applied to the photos. Instagram allows its users to create amazing photos with mobile devices and then add filters to give it more professional look.

  • Conversational platform

Pinterest is found to be a less conversational platform than the Instagram. Every post has a description field that allows the customers to give a comment or ask something.

  • Authors

Pinterest’s authors are mostly content curators or bloggers while Instagram’s authors are usually celebrities or digital media persons.

  • Images quotes

People use Pinterest for getting information about certain topics such as fitness, beauty or weddings. Fans are usually encouraged by the quotes in an image. Instagram is all about sharing stories or revealing the hidden side of anything.

Pinterest versus Instagram for business purposes

Both the networks are useful for the Internet Marketing. However, it depends entirely on the target audience. If someone wants to target the younger crowd then Instagram would better serve the purpose when the post have Instagram real likes while Pinterest would be beneficial for targeting the female or older individuals. Moreover, if the marketer wants to engage with his audience then Instagram is the best option while if he wants to increase traffic then Pinterest would be appropriate.

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