Why To Buy Most Comfortable Computer Chairs

The Embody Chair by Herman Miller was designed from the beginning, for comfort, and productivity. This is not your typical office chair made with ridiculous amounts of plush fabric that doesn’t really ever seem to take care of that knot in your back. Most comfortable computer chairs are made with soft fabric to fool you. Eventually it looses its firmness, and you begin to feel uncomfortable at various pressure points.

Herman Miller has addressed this fundamental problem with a great deal of, research, and development, resulting in the Embody Chair. They realize that an uncomfortable body, seated in an uncomfortable position for a long period can have many potentially unknown/disclosed health risks. First it appears one is just not that comfortable.

However Herman Miller has done research that shows one is much more than uncomfortable. Fatigue sets in much quicker when not comfortable, as does the desire to get up and move about; to combat the fatigue. This for obvious reasons will decrease productivity. The research has also shown something much more fascinating.

The key item being that apparently incorrect posture leads to decreased oxygen levels to the cells of the body. In order to be functioning at its optimal level, all body parts need to be adequately oxygenated; amongst many other things, like a healthy diet. The body also must move waste (Carbon Dioxide) out. This is also greatly effected by how one is sitting.


If one’s pressure points, and veins are being pinched, blood, oxygen, and carbon dioxide are not flowing properly. Over the course of the day that takes its toll. For starters one needs to stand up, and move about to get one’s blood pumping properly again. For obvious reasons that will greatly reduce productivity; especially on a large scale.

So what has been done in the Herman Miller Embody Chair to address these fundamental sitting problems? Perhaps the two biggest developments are as follows. The first being the design for greater movement. When we move about whilst sitting, we put great stress upon our bodies tissues. The Embody Chair’s back-rest, and arms are placed, and shaped to give the user the greatest range of free motion; without being forced into awkward positions by your chair.

The second and perhaps most important innovation has been in the cushion design. Many chairs will try to sell you with, “memory foam” or some knock off. That stuff is great for sleeping. But a thin little pad of it on your chair will flatten very quickly and offer you very little comfort.

The folks at Herman Miller have developed a cushioning system designed to apply different pressures to different parts of the body; rather than contouring to the body and forcing it forward uncomfortably. H.M. calls this zone support. The cushion targets different, “zones” (thighs, glutes, upper/lower back etc…) and applies different pressures to each zone to give the user, a unique, more comfortable much longer, sitting experience.

The Embody Chair by Herman Miller, along with other office products from Herman Miller, like the Celle, and Mirra chairs, are a great choice for employers of all sorts. Smaller companies might be a little cold to trying a chair with a higher price tag, however follow-up research shows increase, in productivity, and morale in many circumstances.

This chair can pay for itself with the morale boosting factor alone. Imagine all of your workers getting a surprise new chair day, and then they discover these are no ordinary chairs!

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